Top ten One Piece moments - Luffy highlights

Posted 2016-12-23 318 0

10) Luffy and Whitebeard meet each other at Marineford.


Whitebeard tries to intimidate Luffy and tells him how he doesn't stand a chance against the forces at Marineford.
Instead of backing off, Luffy challenges Whitebeard for the title of Pirate King!
It becomes even better when in the end, Luffy provides valuable information, and Whitebeard apologizes for his actions before.
Luffy's reply is simply "Don't worry about it".
Buggy and Ivankov's reactions are amazing during the entire conversation.

9) Sogeking song.

Not only was Sogeking hilarious it also showed Usopp's resolve at protecting a friend even though he left the crew.

8) Afro Luffy

"One does not question the afro" - Sanji

7) Duval's face is revealed.


No amount of words can express how good and unexpected this scene was.
The first time I watched this, I laughed my ass off. Now whenever I watch this, I actually feed sad for Duval.

6) Luffy's display of Conqueror's haki at Marineford. 

We had already seen it twice. So it wasn't much of a surprise.
What really made it great was the reaction of people at Marineford.
They weren't Kuja Pirates. They were the best fighters of the world.
And yet, they were terrified of Luffy.

5) Luffy declares war on the ENTIRE WORLD 

The few rare moments when Luffy shows his perceptive side.
He actually understands just who Robin's Enemy is.
He just doesn't give a fuck to their position and power.

4) Zoro's Sacrifice 


The most epic moment for Zoro in One Piece.

3) Law comes at Marineford to save Luffy 

In hindsight, this was the point where Luffy and Law's alliance was decided.
At that moment, it was overshadowed by Shanks entering the War.
But after Punk Hazard Arc, especially after Luffy made an alliance, this scene come out on top.


One of the most "One Piece" moments.
This is one of the scenes which reflect what One Piece truly is about.
The adventure to reach the legends and fulfilling your dreams.

1) Luffy doesn't want to know anything about One Piece 

The most defining moment for Luffy's character.
He has little interest in the ending. It's the journey which is important to him.
Sets him aside from almost all other Shounen protagonists.