Tom Hardy, Brad Pitt, and Iron Man All Want to Kill Bruce Willis

Posted 2016-12-29 318 0

Everybody wants to kill Bruce Willis. Brad Pitt wants to kill Bruce Willis. Iron Man wants to kill Bruce Willis. Tom Hardy wants to kill Bruce Willis. Thankfully, Bruce Willis—being Bruce Willis—escapes every single time. And while this might sound like the greatest action film of all time, it's actually a movie that doesn't exist at all.

Rather, it's a short film created by filmmaker Pierre-Alexandre Chauvat, who spliced together 53 movies to create one brand new one starring our most indestructible action hero, Bruce Willis. It includes scenes from Pulp Fiction, Burn After Reading, and The Fifth Element, plus plenty of movies he wasn't even in, like The Avengers, Mad Max: Fury Road, and Hot Fuzz (because why not?). It makes about as much sense as any other big Hollywood action blockbuster, but it's a lot shorter and a hell of a lot of fun.