Why do I hate the Arrowverse today just so much?

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I will extend this question to let you know why I dislike the entire CWVerse. This coming from probably one of the biggest DC fanboys, somebody who loved MoS, BvS and SS. I didn’t like The Dark Knight Trilogy.





Teen drama, nothing unexpected from the CW channel, but there is time and place for drama in a show. The entire show is 1 big drama with time and place for everything else, I just can’t deal with everyone being sad 24/7, who ever says that Snyder makes too serious movies hasn’t seen Arrow. What’s impressive with Arrow is how consisntently they have been creating drama from Episode 1 of Season 1 until the current episode.

I didn’t like the casting when the show started, Steven Amell didn’t scream Arrow for me. So that kinda already threw me away from the show. From Crossovers I can say he can play a mean Arrow if only he had a decent team behind him to deliver that Arrow.

It’s essentially a Batman show. CW writers ovbiously didn’t get the rights for Batman and went for the next closest character they could get their hands on. Green Arrow has his own villains with his own mythos, he started out as a rip off of Batman but the character has matured in his own way. Fuck me, read a comic book before you make a damn show.

I have heard there is bad romance in Arrow and bad romance is an instant turn off for me, not the song, actual bad romance. The song by Lady Gaga is pretty good.




Too light, it’s the opposite end of the spectrum compared to Arrow. One is too dark and the other is too light. Look at Marvel, they got the movie tone thing down most of the time. They took too much liberties with the character and most of the stuff in the show is made up. Why are Caitlyn, Cisco and Barry working together? Never ever has that happened in the comic books and probably never ever it will. They just took random characters and put them together. What’s next? A weekly villain show about Superman, Captain Boomerang and Arm-Fall-Off-Boy working together to solve crime?

Essentially every Season of the Flash is the same. Flash thinks he is the fastest man alive, he battles bunch of no name villains because apparently having the Rogues as villains is a no go, then comes along some speedster villain who is way faster than Barry, Barry gets faster and wins. I need some diversity in Seasons, don’t do the same thing over and over again.

Grant Gustin is a little entitled prick. He has Barry Allen’s mannerisms down to his very last bone, so what’s wrong with his casting? His body and he has said multiple times that he doesn’t want to hit the gym because he doesn’t have to look muscular to be a Superhero. What’s next? A skinny Superman. If you are playing a Superhero you should do more work out than you usually do, he is just way too skinny to be Flash. Anyone who tells me that people who run fast should be slim for the 1000000th time, look at Usain Bolt, he dwarfs Grant in body size.

Hunter Zolomon. One of the if not the best villain DC has ever published. Just so great, I have read his origin story alone at least 10 times. AMAZING CHARACTER. Except for the Flash TV show. How can a TV show ruin one of the best comic book villains ever, it’s impressive honestly. They must have read his Origin story and said “Fuck this, I have a better idea” and it wasn’t a better idea. Hunter Zolomon in the comic books is a regular cop who suddenly got powers to speed up his own timeline, he doesn’t use the Speed Force to move fast. It took him a long time to master his powers, they road to mastering them was greatness, why couldn’t they have shown that? Does it really just needs to be some rando serial killer speedster who just wants to be the very best like no one ever was? Are audience really that dumb that writing a complex villain will make them quit the show? People always rave how DC has the best villains, where are those best villains when Flash writers are putting their own watered down spin on them?

I don’t like Barry being dumb shit on the show. He is extremely smart in the comic books and not only in forensics science. TV Barry needs to lose once against a weekly villain and then he needs the team to give him a tactic to beat the said villain. I know otherwise the team would be useless but why even have the team? He doesn’t have a rando team in the comic books. Being alone is one of the running(hey) problems in Flash series from Barry to Wally to Barry again. They can’t be everyone at the same time and so they need to make sacrifices in their line of work.

I don’t like they chose Flashpoint to be one of the events in Flash, one of the lamest Flash events to be ever written. Only reason Flashpoint existsin in comic books is because Dan Didio had a hard on for a New 52 reboot. His whole comic book career Barry Allen didn’t want to go back in time, he knew what would happen. Because Geoff Johns lives in a nostalgia land he brought back Barry Allen as the main Flash and because they needed a reboot they only had Barry to chose that could time travel. It was one time stupid thing writers made Barry do. HE DOESN’T LIKE CHANGING TIME. One of his main rules to Wally was to never change time. Why does he do that all the time in the show?

Flash TV show is probably the worst comic book TV show that has ever existed. I am still watching the show, watching and hating. Flash is one of my favorite comic book characters, to see them butcher his mythos like that, it tears me up. People who don’t read comic books like it though, it gets pretty good ratings for a CW show.

Legends of Tomorrow:



Nothing much to say about this, I watched about half of the first season. Most money goes to CGI budget which is way too low for the standard this show is aiming for. Dialogue and stories are utter shite with barely mediocre TV CGI. The show is trying to be something it’s not, it’s like Agents of Shield season 1 all over again. Also it doesn’t work so how did they get Season 2? The ratings are shit for the budget they are throwing at the show.


Haven’t really seen the CW Season 2 and probably never will. I lied when I said Flash was the worst comic book show, I forgot about Supergirl. Supergirl is one of the few feminist type Superheroes. She is very confident and prideful. She is a great Superhero.

I don’t know how they managed to completely fuck up Supergirl. When it was airing on NBC all I saw was her whining and crying about this and that and then she started talking about Olsen friendzoning her and I was like somebody fucking shoot me, what the fuck am I watching.

Another thing I didn’t like about Supergirl is Olsen. NO LISTEN TO ME, I AM NOT RACIST, LISTEN. I don’t like Olsen being big, amazing looking and muscular. He should be a little scrawny nerd, I don’t give a fuck what race he is, be asian or black or what ever.

TL; DR - CW is garbage if you have read the comic books, it’s pretty good if you haven’t.

Fox on the other hand is doing amazing stuff with Gotham and pretty good stuff with Lucifer. Lucifer would be amazing too if Lucifer Morningstar wouldn’t be my favorite character of all time because they are also taking the entire mythos and flushing it down the toilet. It still gets a “Hey, that’s pretty good” for being an overall great show.