Frank is the worst father in the world

Posted 2016-12-24 318 0


He is so selfish and entitled.

At the wedding scene, he acted like a victim and threw the wedding into disorder just because Sean challenged him in the house. He realized Sean’s arrival at the Gallagher house debilitates his role as the Alpha male. Out of his own good, he decided to fuck up his little girl’s happiness. Trust me, he wouldn’t give a fuck about Sean’s addict if Sean puts up with his bullshit at the beginning. Don’t forget he tried to hook Debbi up with old sick men for money.

He says that he endures his children’ bullshit so they should too. I think he is the piece of shit.

He was not supposed to endure, but be responsible for his children' fuckup-ness.

First of all, all Fiona, Lip, and Ian have way too many sex partners. I don’t know why he only blames the female.

Fiona acts like a slut and is attracted by fuck-up guy like Sean rather than Gus because she feels unworthy of having someone loving her. That is because her father Frank abandoned her so fucking long ago.

Lip is a fucking drunk and doesn’t give a shit about anything because he is too fucking scared to lose again. He wastes the world due to his cynicism. His cynicism comes from his poor family. He feels unfair that less smart kids live a better life because they are rich.

It is really not Ian’s fault is gay and have bipolar.

Debbie wants a family so bad so that she starts her own.

Carl has a good heart but he was under the bad influence.

Sure Frank loves them, but very limited. He is way too far from being a merely ok dad. I can't believe some people would just cheer for him because he occasionally fulfilled his father roll in very crooked ways.

All his kids wasted the world because they had a unloving childhood.

Frank is a not an “honest asshole”. He ruined all his children and blame them for it.